Welcome to the Creatifi Blog!

Welcome to the Creatifi Blog. In this Blog we will cover relevant WiFi topics with a bent on high performance WiFi! What do I mean by high performance WiFi?

Let’s discuss. I believe that high performance WiFi is taking a look at the variety of items that can cause performance degradation, and find out ways to minimize, or eliminate those factors. Also, creating a solid plan, or set of design requirements, is a key to architect a high performance WLAN.

We need to get away from surveying for just the sake of surveying. We need a solid survey/design plan that yields efficiency as well as solid results. It’s getting away from creating a huge level of effort without knowing that you are on a path towards creating something great.

We want to use our minds and our past experience in the best possible way to avoid issues from the beginning. We want to create a solid foundation so when issues arise we have narrowed the root cause right off the bat.

We also want to get as many different views on the network as we can when we look to analyze. Each tool or method of looking at WLAN will provide a different window. Let’s explore those topics on this blog. I hope you will come about for the ride. I look forward to our discussion. – Joe Altmann